A sacred journey into your most beautiful self

Free yourself

– A sacred journey into your most beautiful self
– Introduction course!


Am Mittwoch, den 25. März, findet von 19:30 bis 23:00 Uhr im DIAMOND LOTUS Seminarraum ein Info-Abend zur Workshop-Reihe in Berlin statt:

Magic of Love – als englisch-sprachige Workshop-Reihe ganz neu auch im Programm der Berliner Tantraworkshops.

Do you believe in Magic? Do you believe in love?

Can you hear yourself from deep inside saying Yes? Or maybe you can even feel it when you are reading these lines…The Magic is happening right now…
When I am fully Present (being conscious to my breath and to my body), when I am choosing Love, meaning fully accepting what is, and invoking the sacredness, the Divine, the Holly from within, I experience Life as Magic, I am Magic, Love is magic, nature is Magic, Sex is magic, Everything is magic.

Finding the one…..Finding yourself!

This evening is a sacred journey into your inner most beautiful self. You will have a chance to connect with the space beyond the thoughts, beyond the body. A peaceful, joyful, awake and alive state of being. You will acknowledge how amazing and beautiful you are from different kind of meditations and from the mirrors around you…

You will get a taste from the courses of Magic of Love.

You don’t need to sign up for this evening, but click on ‚JOIN‘ to show us that your intention is to join us and we just ask you to share it with your friends. Price is 15 euros, paid cash at the door.

The courses are suitable for everyone, singles & couples, with or without experience.

For more informations: click here…

Icon_Kalender_50px Free yourself! Am Mittwoch, den 25. März findet ein Infoabend zur Workshop-Reihe statt. Aktuelle Veranstaltungsinfos bei facebook: A sacred journey into your most beautiful self – Introduction course!.